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Contributor Guidelines

Welcome to the Gallivanting community where we share our escapades in search of hidden, undiscovered, yet to be experienced and thriller-packed destinations to marvel. Let’s simply say we are here to cover the earth before it covers us– as Dagobert D. Runes would put it.

To make this sharing and travel bucket building platform safe and standardized, we hereby ask our contributors to adhere to the below guidelines:

Content Posting Guidelines.

  1. Each post must be relevant to travel and destination discovery, of more than 300 words and it’s highly encouraged to include relevant photo(s) and associated media in an effort to enhance readers’ general experience.
  2. All contributors are responsible for the accuracy and originality of their content. Any content shared from your personal blog should include a link at the end of the post to your original blog. Any reported plagiarism shall lead to the affected content removal and contributor banned from the community.
  3. Below is the general article posting framework to be followed for enhanced standardization ensuring that all crucial points are captured to be of more help to our readers;
    • How to get there
    • Days and Times the place is open
    • Best times of the Year/Month/Week/Day to visit
    • Gate entry /Activity Charges and identification requirements for both Locals and Foreigners
    • Any Special preparation/Gear Required
    • Any disclaimer on photography, food from outside, age limits, Pets, etc.
    • Contact Details
    • Disclaimers: Accuracy of information given to be accredited to the article’s posting/ last update date.

To make our community resourceful, we appreciate links as below;

  • Links to relevant articles that will give the reader more information about a place or help in better preparation for a given experience.
  • Links to resources that will benefit the reader and make sense in the context of the article.

The below links are not acceptable;

  • Affiliate Links
  • Links to own products or online shop
  • Links to company or own social media platforms. These should be captured on the contributor’s profile.

Each contributor is responsible for adhering to these guidelines and any variation or addition as they may be updated from time to time.

Your registration to Gallivantme constitutes an agreement to these posting terms and violation may lead to contributor access revocation.