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Roller Skating
Adrenaline Adventures

Skating: Where and How to Safely Skate In Kenya

It is becoming increasingly common to find young to middle-aged youth skating in the neighborhoods of major towns and cities in Kenya. Footpaths, parking spaces, and some less-busy motorable roads are often the go-to places, mainly on weekends, for novice skaters and experienced skaters alike….

Hiking & Camping

Nature walks in Nairobi

There are several ways to unwind in Nairobi other than safari. One of such activities that you can indulge in is nature walks. Karura forest, brckenhurst and Oloolua nature trail are just but examples of such places.

Adrenaline Adventures

Quad Biking in Nairobi Kenya

Whether in deserts, muddy trackless ranches or even intentionally designed trails, Quad Biking provides nothing but total exhilaration, which makes it one of the most popular adventure activities of this generation.
I will here below list my top location selection where you can have a taste of Quad biking within and around Nairobi.