Spot- free-roaming wildlife at the edge of Nairobi, just a few minutes from Nairobi’s Central business center, you get to walk nature trails and observe African wildlife at a friendly fee.

Nairobi National Park

 Amazingly, Nairobi national park is the only protected area with a variety of animals and birds near a capital city.   In addition to this, the Nairobi national park is one of the most successful rhino sanctuaries in the world. Because of the mentioned successes, Nairobi National park attracts several visitors, both citizens and non- citizens who would love to see scarce species such as black rhino in their natural habitat.

 The Nairobi National covers an area of 120km square area and is located 10km South of Nairobi city. You can get to the park by taking matatu number 123 or 123 from Railways bus station and alight right in front of the gate. If you are driving, take Uhuru highway and drive as if you are headed to Mombasa. Take the Langata road when you get to Nyayo stadium roundabout. The park will be at 8 km mark on your left from the Nyayo stadium roundabout. We have attached a map here for easy navigation.

  For individuals who would love to stay for two days or so, the park offers tented camping. Nine tents accommodate two people each. The tents feature modern flushing toilets and showers. This means that you can live your life modernly as you enjoy the safari. This is with no doubt a wilderness escape where you can savor the thrill of camping at the center of thick bushes just at the heart of  Kenya’s capital city Nairobi.

 Nairobi Safari park lies in an area of 120km square. The city is a vast track of open grass plain with several scattered acacia bushes. There is also a riverine forest and a permanent river.

  You will get to appreciate the deep stretches of thick bushes, rocky valleys, and gorges. There is so much to see besides wildlife, including human-made dams that lie on the western side of the park.

 This park has more than 450 species of birds, and it is a beautiful spot for those who love bird watching too.

 Entry Fees

 Kenyan CitizensKenyan residents Non -residents
ChildrenKsh 100Ksh 500Ksh 2000
StudentsKsh 100Ksh 200Ksh 1500
AdultsKsh 300Ksh 1000Ksh 4000

  The park is open every day of the week from 6.00 AM to 7.00 PM. For all your inquiries, call +254(0)202444914.

Nairobi safari walk

 Nairobi Safari walk is just 7 km south of   Kenya’s capital Nairobi. This is a conservation-based recreation facility.  Outside the main entrance to Nairobi National Park, off Langata road, you will come across this safari walk, which is a combination of a zoo and nature walk spot.   To be precise, this wildlife facility is located on Langata Road next to KWS headquarters.  From CBD, take the same matatu that takes you to Nairobi National Park, which is number 15 from Nairobi Central Business District. Just a light at the KWS gate.

 Nairobi safari walk has so much for your eyes. First, you will be wowed by the creative landscape design with unique wildlife species and more interpretation. This explains why the Nairobi safari walk is an ideal facility for education and tourism.

 You will have the opportunity to learn so much about forests, wetlands, and savannahs. Some several unique animals and plants are extinct locally or threatened. This place, therefore, offers a broad platform where one can learn how to take part in wildlife conservation. 

 Nairobi Safari Walk is also a great eye-opener to the country’s parks and reserves. You get a calm opportunity to learn what exists in other parts of the country.  You will get to see Kenya’s rich animal collection that includes the rare white rhino, albino zebra and more

 The Nairobi safari walk offers a unique opportunity for families, individuals, students, foreigners and  tourists to take part in  wildlife conservation  talks and lecturers, tree identification, nursery techniques and also get to enjoy nature walks while at it


 East African citizensEast African Residents Non- residents
 ChildrenKsh 50Ksh 150Ksh 1000
StudentsKsh 50Ksh 150Ksh 1000
AdultsKsh 150Ksh 300Ksh2000

 The park is open every day of the week from 9.00 AM to 6. 00 PM Call+254(0)202444914  for inquiries.

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