Indoor Climbing Gyms currently tops up my list of typically outdoor activities that are now “domesticated” and being done indoors. This is basically rock climbing where one was expected to venture out far and wide into the wilderness to get to safety-tried rocks just for the thrill. Needless to say, the hustles associated with long periods of planning around it, getting a team to venture out with, waiting for the right weather e.t.c

The world over, this fun activity has increasingly been getting much acceptance as an actual indoor activity and simply being referred to as Sport Climbing or Indoor Climbing Gyms. It comes as no surprise that Sport Climbing could have made its Olympic debut in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with athletes winning Gold thanks to the power and strength in their fingertips. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics was unfortunately postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

In Kenya, the indoor climbing gym is taking root and so far we have the below locations that you can go an amateur or even skilled climber to put your fingertips into the works.

Indoor Climbing
Mt. Kenya Indoor Climbing

Blue Sky Climbing Gym- Diamond Plaza

Whether it’s your first visit or you’ve been climbing for years, Blue Sky Climbing Gym is a great place to come with the family, with friends, or as an individual.

Below are some of the climbing challenges and activities available;

  • Top rope walls, up to 6.5 meters high
  • 100+ top rope routes
  • Bouldering walls, up to 4.1 meters high
  • 50+ boulder problems
  • Variety of routes for all levels of climbers
  • Training area, hang boards, bars

Apart from the climbing activities on site. Blue Sky Climbing Gym offers the following services which you can inquire about from their climbing desk whose details are also shared below.

  • Adults and Kids Beginner Climbing classes
  • Shoe & harness rental
  •  Climbing trips
How to get there

Blue Sky Climbing Gym is located on the 6th Floor, of Old Tower, Diamond Plaza, Masari Rd, Parklands within Nairobi City. Check out our Maps here.

Days and Open Times

Monday –Friday 4:00 Pm-9:00 Pm

*Thursdays until 11:00 Pm*

Saturday 12:00 Noon-9:00 Pm

Sunday 2:00 Pm-7:00 Pm

Charges applicable

Below are the rates as of this article’s publishing date. For planning purposes, you are encouraged to contact the management.

BlueSky Climbing Charges
Contact Details

Climb Desk Phone: 0792 790 087 

Valley Arcade Outdoor Climbing Tower

This is an ‘outdoor’ version that is still run by the same Blue Sky team whose main office is at Diamond Plaza as above. We still classify this climbing gym as indoor since it’s an entirely man-made tower but only built on the greenfield as opposed to being in a building.

Valley Arcade outdoor Climbing. Photo courtesy:

The operating hours are as below.


SATURDAY: 12:00PM-8:00PM

​SUNDAY: 2:00PM-7:00PM

Given that Valley Arcade Outdoor Climbing Gym is managed by Blue Sky, their rates, contacts and other auxiliary services remain the same as above.

Ozone Trampoline Park – Village Market

The Village Market Mall is located along Limuru Road, Gigiri, Nairobi. See Map here.

While at Village Market, you will need to get to the new wing and head up to the 4th Floor which is largely designated for Entertainment and Recreation.  Ozone is Village Market’s 15,000 sq.ft trampoline park that is great for kids, teens and adults alike.

There are 10 activities at Ozone waiting to be explored including Open Course, Professional Climbing Wall, Dodgeball Court, the Ninja Course, Slam Dunk, Parkour Wall, Small Climbing Wall, the Baby Trampoline, Olympic Trampoline, and the Foam Pit. This is one place you will go gallivanting if not for the climb then to marvel at the tasteful interior décor of the Entertainment area and the mall in general.

Operating Hours are as below;

Monday – Saturday: 8:30 am – 10:00 pm

Sunday: 10:00 am – 10:30 pm

 To Contact Management, below are the details to use.

Mobile: +254 207 123141 Email:

Mount Kenya Climbing Gym Nanyuki

Just like the name suggests, this is a Climbing gym that prepares Mt. Kenya climbers for the task ahead. The Mt Kenya Climbing Gym is located just 4 km east of Nanyuki town at the base of Mt. Kenya making it the only Indoor Climbing gym outside of Nairobi to make it to my list.

Similar to the Valley Arcade Outdoor Climbing Gym, the Mt Kenya Climbing gym’s main feature is the free-standing tower with a shade on top which is clearly visible from the Nairobi / Nanyuki Road.

Mt. Kenya Climbing Gym

 To add icing to the cake, Mt Kenya Climbing also has a climbing wall in a semi indoors area together with a Hanging board. This combination of climbing, clinging and endurance exercises are meant to give one a sure shot at conquering any Mountain living to their motto of “Train, Learn Conquer”.

Just for honorable mention and diversity, Mt Kenya Climbing Gym has a low-lying rope walking area just next to the Climbing Tower.

Rope Walking at Mt. Kenya Climbing Gym.

Lest Talk of Charges.

The beautiful thing is that you get to enjoy all the above-mentioned activities with just a single payment. See the below packages.

Adult Single Visit: 600 Shillings

Kid (under 16) Single Visit: 400 Shillings

Monthly: 5,000 Shillings

Annual: 40,000 Shillings

4 Bundles Adult Pass: 2000

8 Bundle Adult Pass: 3500

15 Bundle Adult Pass: 6500

Now let’s talk about a totally unrelated but a must mention gem at Mt Kenya Climbing Gym. Ever imagined getting to a workout area outside the city but still getting access to a very conducive coworking space? From the cowork space, you get an easy-to-access cafe for some coffee and bitings. Downstairs there are ready showers provided for those that want to clean up after a workout. A meeting room is also available for private meetings or presentations. This is truly a unique setup in Nanyuki that simply lets you work as you work out and enjoy your weekend getaway.

Mt Kenya Climbing Gym Co-working space
Mt Kenya Climbing Gym Co-working space

Opening Hours.

Monday – Wednesday + Sunday 9:00 Am – 6:00 Pm

Thursday – Saturday 9:00 Am – 8:00 Pm


To get in touch with the management, see the below details.

Mobile: +254 721 371694

Let’s get set to get climbing.

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