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Adrenaline Adventures

Quad Biking in Nairobi Kenya

Whether in deserts, muddy trackless ranches or even intentionally designed trails, Quad Biking provides nothing but total exhilaration, which makes it one of the most popular adventure activities of this generation.
I will here below list my top location selection where you can have a taste of Quad biking within and around Nairobi.

Adrenaline Adventures

Archery in Nairobi

Archery has over the ages been considered a fine-skill sport that calls for a good focus that makes your mind go blank for a moment. The active moment of deep concentration when aiming for the target takes away one’s own worries and problems. I will share with you places in Nairobi where you can trail and/or simply shoot a few arrows for thrills’ sake.

Adrenaline Adventures

Shooting Ranges in Nairobi

 Shooting is one of the things to do in Kenya other than safari. This is one of the best outdoor activities in Nairobi. Weekends present ample time for one to learn new things and meet new people. It was during such a time that I…

Fitness & Travel

Cycling in and around Nairobi with Hired bikes

Nairobi is known or its fast and bustling nature. Heavy and often noisy traffic and exhaust fumes from vehicles characterize the city life for most residents through the working days of the week. For lovers of cycling, spending a day of the weekend on a…

Adrenaline Adventures

Indoor Climbing Gyms in Kenya

Indoor Climbing Gyms currently tops up my list of typically outdoor activities that are now “domesticated” and being done indoors. This is basically rock climbing where one was expected to venture out far and wide into the wilderness to get to safety-tried rocks just for…

Family Hangout

Bowling in Nairobi city

Bowling is one of the things to do in Nairobi other than adventure, and it is one of the best ways to unwind with friends after that hectic week. There are five places that you can go bowling with your squad in Nairobi; Village market,…